• How to do Uphold meⓣⓗⓞdology

    That said, Uphold’s unique features like multi-asset trading and the ability to earn crypto rewards via the Uphold Card may make it an attractive platform to certain users. However, it’s a good idea to research different crypto exchanges and compare options before you sign up.


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    Uphold vs. BlockFi 

    Uphold and BlockFi both offer user-friendly platforms to buy, sell, and trade crypto. However, there are some unique differences between the two exchanges.

    • Uphold offers almost 100 cryptocurrencies available for trade, while BlockFi supports just 16 cryptocurrencies.
    • BlockFi lets qualified borrowers take out loans backed by their crypto holdings, while Uphold doesn’t offer this option.
    • Uphold offers a cryptocurrency rewards debit card for users, and BlockFi offers a cryptocurrency rewards credit card.
    • Uphold lets users buy, sell, and trade across asset classes while BlockFi does not.